Tasty-N-Crafty Bevvies. Local-N-Laidback Attitude. Anyone-N-Everyone Welcome


Thick-N-Thin is all of the above.

At Thick-N-Thin, there’s no stuffiness. No pompousness. No attitude. You know what there is? A lot of craft beer, seltzers, even zero-alcohol options. And a lot of good times. Because, for us, it’s all about exceptional craft beer and who you’re drinking it with. Are you having fun? Are you with people who make you happy? Are the servers and staff cool and friendly? Are you ending your day or enjoying your weekend at a local, easy-going place that lets you be you? All kinds of folks hang at Thick-N-Thin. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thick-N-Thin Seal

What’s with the name Thick-N-Thin?

Life is full of Thick-N-Thin. The people you love most, the ones who make you laugh, the ones you should have a beer (or a few!) with? They’re usually the people who you’ve been through thick and thin with, right? We love that. You know what else is Thick-N-Thin? Our drinks. The thick are the heavier, hoppier, darker ones. The thin are the lighter, easier drinking ones (including the seltzers, of course). We love them both. And all of them between. You will, too.

Our Brewmaster

Jake Beamer

With over a decade of beer making under his belt, including nice stints at two of Frederick’s most respected and award-winning breweries, Jake does not mess around. He’s also not the kind of guy who needs us to list his creds, because he’s really just about making great beers and seltzers, not accolades. But we’re gonna go ahead and do it anyway. #SorryNotSorry, Jake.

The Beer Connoisseur

Recognized by The Beer Connoisseur, Nov. 2020

More than 10 years of brewing experience as both Head Brewer and Cellarman

Award Winning

Multi-award winner at numerous brewing competitions

Our tap wall lets you be your own bartender

A wall of beer-wonder awaits. Our TNT Tap Wall app lets you pick-n-choose-n-pour whatever you want, as much as you want. Plus, you can monitor your tab, keep track of your faves, and all kinds of cool stuff. And hey, there’s never a wait for a beer when you’re pouring them yourself.

Free popcorn

Kinda sad that we relegated this to the bottom part of the page, isn’t it? Not kidding, though. Free popcorn. All. The. Time. Because popcorn just makes beer taste better. Or is it the beer that makes the popcorn taste better?

You should be a member of a place like this.

A member? WHUUUUUT? Yep. The Dynamite Club. Everybody’s doing it. Okay, maybe not everybody, but the cool ones, for sure. And the ones who love exclusive access to perks, swag, and stuff.